Expert pruning of all types of trees and shrubs.

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Consolidated Landscape offers a complete line of effective, knowledge-based tree and shrub maintenance services. We strive to provide expert service and consideration for your property.  We understand that routine maintenance and pruning helps to avoid problems with trees later on. Preventative care eliminates the need for harmful tree topping or even removal.


Consolidated Landscape has a team of pruning experts, ready for any job. We help to take care of the health and structure of a tree, while increasing the beauty of its shape and form. We prune fruit trees, shrubs, maples, Japanese maples, pine trees, birch, water sprouts and suckers at the correct time and in the proper manner.  Appropriate tree and shrub pruning employs an understanding of plant structure, physiology, biology, and aesthetics.  We prune to remove dead and diseased branches, to control the size and shape, training, to stimulate growth and improve the quality of flowers, fruit, foliage or stems.

Tree and Shrub Removal

When a tree or shrub has become dangerous or diseased, we are there to help. We will remove shrubs with your approval and contract with our partner-specialist to safely remove even the most hazardous trees. Tree and shrub removal requires expert skill and precision to execute safely.

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