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Since our very beginning on April 1, 1990, year-round landscape maintenance has been the cornerstone of our business.  Our crew of trained experts can protect and enhance your landscape investment. We provide a full range of landscape maintenance services for all types of properties including both commercial and residential properties, business malls, HOAs, parks and apartment complexes. Our specialty is year-round landscape maintenance.

Our Typical Landscape Maintenance Services


Weekly lawn and turf maintenance

We provide premium lawn care! We mow and edge regularly and make sure that your lawn is well-fertilized and limed, as needed. We keep sharp blades and use only quality commercial-grade machines to ensure a clean cut, including the edges. We always clean up behind us and leave your lawn looking crisp and clean!

Landscape bed maintenance

A weed-free landscape is the ultimate goal.  We monitor all the landscape beds and areas surrounding the beds.  This includes the sidewalks, walkways, patios and driveways.  We rake and/or hula-hoe the beds to ensure a well-groomed and neat appearance of your landscaped areas.

Pruning and trimming maintenance

Pruning of trees, shrubs and groundcover is provided seasonally as recommended for the specific plant material.  Our goal is to provide the proper growth habit for each individual plant and to promote healthy growth.  We also monitor the health of all plant material and make any necessary recommendations with respect to replacement, disease and insect control, etc.

General cleanup maintenance

On each regular visit, any landscape debris or trash on the landscape beds, lawns and sidewalks will be picked up.  Sweeping or blowing of all landscape debris will take place before the crew leaves the site.

Lawn and plant fertilization

Regular fertilization throughout the growing season helps your lawn remain at its best. A healthy lawn can better fight off both weeds and pest infestations. We apply fertilizer to feed the grass and lime to add calcium and neutralize soil pH. The rhododendrons and azaleas are fertilized during bloom fade.  Other shrubs and groundcover needing to be fertilized takes place in the early spring.  We also offer an organic fertilizing program.

We want your landscape to continue to grow properly to your full enjoyment and satisfaction.  Our programs can be customized to meet your specific property and budgetary concerns. We will automatically take care of the changing needs of your landscape, as it matures.
At Consolidated Landscape, our philosophy is timeliness, consistency, and proactive communication. The care and appearance of your property is always our first priority. Our long list of satisfied customers includes commercial clients, homeowners, business managers, homeowner associations, and property managers.


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