Sprinkler System Maintenance and Repair

  • Expert routine maintenance for all types of irrigation systems
  • Seasonal start-up and winterization
  • Routine check-ups
  • One-time repairs or retrofits, as needed.

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Irrigation Maintenance

Our expert irrigation team performs seasonal maintenance on all types of sprinkler systems. With proper maintenance and care, your system can last for decades without needing to be replaced. Seasonal maintenance helps prevent damage and keeps them running efficiently.

Spring Start-up

We turn on your system and check pipes and fixtures for damage or repair needs. We help you set up your timer and get it ready for the season. We are also able to perform backflow testing to ensure that there is no hazardous water from your system that could flow back into your home or business’s water supply.


Winterization happens at the end of the summer. We shut down your system for the year. We turn off your timer and store any sensitive parts. We also perform a compressed air blow-out of water to prevent frozen and cracked pipes over the winter.

Irrigation Repair

Even the best irrigation systems eventually need repair or replacement. Time, weather and maturing landscape take their toll. Several different problems can occur over the years including cracked pipes, broken or covered spray heads, and malfunctioning timers. Adjustments may also be required when moving plants or adding new ones.

With Consolidated Landscape, you can be assured that you will always see a service technician who is qualified to handle your lawn sprinkler system repair needs.

Our repair technicians are very experienced in the lawn irrigation business. We solve problems and enjoy the challenge of the work while bring our high level of expertise and quality to your job. It will be easy for you to observe the improved appearance and health of the site after we are finished.