Irrigation Guarantees

Installation Warranty 

Consolidated Landscaping offers a full three-year warranty on valves, controllers, and heads against defects in materials and workmanship. The installed system is guaranteed for one year from date of completion to give uniform distribution and even coverage of moisture. Maintenance of the system, i.e., raising and lowering of heads to compensate for lawn growth, cleaning and adjustment of heads, raising shrub heads to compensate for shrub growth shall be given at no charge for one year from completion of installation. All warranties are fully transferable to any subsequent owner if the home is sold. A copy of our installation guarantee is available upon request.

Service Warranty

Consolidated Landscaping offers a full ninety-day warranty on parts and thirty days on labor for all of our service work. This covers the specific parts installed and work performed by us only. This warranty covers both defective parts and labor. However, we can only guarantee performance of the parts we install and the labor we perform on any sprinkler system.